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The fit shots were created to support the optimum health of busy modern people. The Naturopathic principle believes in supporting our optimum health from its roots and prevention of disease is a better way to sustain a healthy body. Chronic inflammation is the root of many health conditions, by drinking the fit shots daily, we can reduce the inflammation by up to 50%. 

The Fit Shot are safe for children, adults and the elderly and it’s safe to drink up to 3-5 days from the purchase date if kept in the refrigerator

For prevention purposes, drink half a bottle twice daily
For treatment purposes, drink one bottle three times daily for 3-7 days or until the symptoms subside.
The Fit shots have helped many clients throughout the years to overcome cough and cold conditions naturally, decreasing the amount of health issues in one year and increasing the immune system significantly. For your information, a normal healthy body should only get a cold and cough twice a year maximum. The energy booster shot has been proven to give sustainable energy throughout the day when your body needs that extra help and the best of all, they are all completely natural and organic.